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Just take a picture of a mole, spot or mark you’re concerned about

and a diagnosis from an expert doctor will be with you in moments.


A skin cancer check for under $3


Take a picture with Helfie

It's that simple.

In Smart mode, simply hover the Helfie camera over a spot and it automatically takes a picture, calculates a risk profile, and prepares the picture for a doctor's diagnosis.

In Manual mode, you take the picture yourself and send it to a doctor

Our AI calculates a risk profile before a doctor makes a diagnosis

Helfie brings together field-leading experts and state of the art AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to assist in diagnosing your spot, accurately and quickly.

Only expert (and certified) skin doctors examine and diagnose your picture

Doctors respond in minutes.

Your doctor's diagnosis will accurately describe your condition and inform you of the action you need to take if further attention is required.

Under $3 for a skin cancer check

It's free to download Helfie.

It's free to take a picture.

You only pay $3 when you send the image to a doctor for diagnosis. 

It's free to chat with the doctor once you've received the diagnosis.


Our Ambition

At Helfie we’re about making healthcare so easy, convenient and affordable, that anyone, anywhere in the world with a health concern, has instantaneous access to an accurate, trusted medical diagnosis.


By making healthcare hyper-convenient,  our hope is that more of us are likely to get stuff checked that would otherwise go unchecked, preventing disease and saving lives.


Skin Cancer is a preventable disease that, if detected early enough, is avoidable and 100% curable. If not, it’s the deadliest of cancers.


However, the time and cost of getting regular skin cancer checks means that most people just don’t get around to it.

Even in a country like Australia, where deaths from skin cancer top 2000+ each year, $ billions invested in public awareness campaigns to ensure everyone understands the dangers and knows the importance of getting regular skin checks, less than 10% get a check. In large parts of the world (US, Europe, South America, Pacific, parts of Asia) where skin cancer is a burgeoning issue, the participation rate is even lower.


By eliminating all of the barriers that stop us from getting regular skin cancer checks, our aim is to help prevent skin cancer, save lives through early detection and perhaps one day, help to eradicate it altogether.


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