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Healthcare's Ai & Mobile Revolution

Take A Selfie, Stay Healthy.

Welcome to a new age in healthcare, where artificial intelligence and real doctors combine to make health checks hyper convenient and accessible to everyone.

Helfie makes check ups for important conditions as simple and convenient as taking a picture or recording on a smartphone, as instantaneous and inexpensive as sending  a text message.

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Check-ups that once took days, weeks, months and hundreds of dollars, are now done by Helfie in a few seconds and cost only a few dollars.

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Helfie COVID

Check for covid instantly. 

Helife's Covid Ai analyzes your cough, assessing your respiratory health and identifying signs of COVID in seconds.

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Check for Tuberculosis (TB) instantly. 

Using Helfie TB, just record your cough, answer a few questions, and  you'll receive an assessment for TB from our Ai in seconds. 

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Helfie SKIN

Check for skin cancer instantly. 

Using Helfie Skin, snap a photo of any mole or mark on skin and you'll receive an instant risk assessment from our Ai, while you wait a few minutes for a consultation and diagnosis from an expert skin doctor.

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Helfie STI

Worried you've caught something?

Helfie STI provides a private, anonymous check for sexually transmitted infections.

You’ll learn what you may have contracted from Helfie's Ai within minutes and, from there you can connect with a doctor for a medical consultation or to provide a prescription.

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Helfie COUGH

Is that cough something you should be worried about?

Helfie Cough provides you with an instant AI-based assessment of cough severity, an indication if the cough points to something more serious, and the  option to connect with a doctor or pediatrician for medical consultation.

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Helfie BEATS

Monitor your heart health.

Using the Helfie Beats app, you’re able to monitor your heartbeat in real time and by doing so regularly, identify abnormal heart rhythms, including atrial fibrillation, which may help prevent strokes.

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And More to Come


Helife works with universities, doctors, specialists, and researchers to deliver easier, more convenient diagnostic methods.

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Our Mission

Helfie combines artificial intelligence with real doctors to revolutionise the speed, scale and cost of delivering health checks. 

Our mission is to make regular health checks of important conditions accessible to every person on Earth, helping to save lives, prevent suffering and reducing health care costs.


Work with Helfie

Helfie partners with global healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, private practices, aged care facilities, retailers, researchers, insurers, and others to make healthcare hyper convenient and accessible to all.


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