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Healthcare Instant, Easy, Affordable


Take a picture with Helfie

It's that simple.

Point Helfie at your body and it automatically detects any mole or lesion, zooms in and takes a high quality photo

Our AI generates a diagnosis

Our world-leading AI capabilities and world-first approach provides an instant diagnosis from the image you provide.

All within seconds.

Send to a certified doctor

Doctors respond in minutes.

Your doctor's diagnosis will accurately describe your condition and inform you of the action you need to take if further attention is required.


Death from skin cancer is a preventable tragedy. 

Helfie's technology eliminates the structural and behavioural barriers that prevent people from getting spots, moles and marks on their skin checked, making it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to get regular, qualified doctor's diagnoses.

What took days or weeks and costs $100s to do, now takes a moment and costs a few dollars.

Welcome to universal, instant and inexpensive healthcare.

Feel free to contact us with any queries, suggestions, feedback or problems. It's all welcome and we reply to everything.

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Thank you.