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Is That Cough COVID-19? How to Know

Everyone coughs – it’s an important reflex that allows us to clear irritants like germs, mucus and dust from our airways, rather than have them find their way into our lungs. However, in this day and age, coughing is also a key indicator that someone might have COVID-19.

So how do we differentiate between a standard cough and one that sounds like COVID-19?

What does a COVID cough sound like?

Thankfully, the typical COVID cough does have qualities that sets it apart from standard coughing sounds.

Firstly, it’s most commonly a dry cough – while congestion (i.e. runny or blocked nose) can be a potential sign of COVID in some cases, it’s not one of the main symptoms. This means COVID coughs tend to be more “hacky”, carrying a consistent rough tone that’s free of mucus build-up.

Secondly, the COVID cough is very persistent. It sticks around for quite some time, and this causes irritation to your dry throat, which leads to an increasingly rough tone and more painful cough.

Now, while these two COVID cough indicators are helpful as a rough guide to whether or not you might need to test yourself for COVID-19, they are by no means definitive. Only trained doctors and pulmonologists have the ability to accurately identify if a cough sounds like COVID.

The Helfie Cough Check App uses AI technology to analyze your cough for COVID-19

Helfie has developed a revolutionary app that allows users to record their cough and determine their COVID-19 risk in seconds, with just a few clicks of the button.

As you cough, the app uses sophisticated AI technology to analyze the recording, evaluate your lung health and detect signs of COVID-19. You’ll also be prompted to answer three simple questions regarding your symptoms, and Helfie uses this combined information to place you on a COVID risk scale between 1 and 10.

The Helfie COVID Cough Checker App was developed in close collaboration with fully qualified pulmonologists and doctors that have extensive background in detecting/treating coughs, using more than 48,000 cough samples to fine-tune the technology.

Does your cough sound like COVID? Find out instantly, with Helfie

If you have a cough and you’re not sure if it sounds like COVID, the Helfie app serves as a quick, easy, affordable and eco-friendly alternative to dashing out for a RAT or PCR Test. Based on where Helfie places you on the COVID risk scale, you can then determine whether further testing is necessary (we recommend taking a RAT or PCR Test if you score 7 or higher).

Healthcare has never been more convenient, affordable and accessible. Use Helfie to check if your cough sounds like COVID; to send pictures of skin abnormalities for assessing​ skin cancer risk; or to receive instant diagnoses on your risk of carrying sexually-transmitted infections (STI’s) – all in the palm of your hand.


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